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Francesco D'Alessio
3 min readOct 19, 2023


Taskade comes with a new vision — “be the AI powered experience for productivity” with plans to add “AI Agents” and much more AI powered abilities. Let’s unpack this and whether they might be the next Notion.

Does Taskade want to replace Notion?

In recent years, the world has enjoyed the wonders of Notion.

And rightfully so, Notion has been a big game-changer for many people, helping them handle their studies, a team’s wiki and large databases with powerful views to help teams small and large.

But what has Taskade been working on the infusion of AI within Taskade. With a Taskade AI chat allowing you anytime chat in a sidebar, prompts, new PDF conversion, brainstorms, sub-task generator and workflow abilities. Now to be honest, most this can be done with Notion — but the thinking is going in the right direction.

Taskade AI prompts

AI Powers & Cool Features

Taskade has added AI everywhere. You cannot escape it in the new Taskade experience. Left, right and down you’ll find Taskade’s AI chat function.

The new AI agents feature, yet to be launched is aiming to help you get work done by doing research for you. This is something that will help you reduce administration apparently aren’t available yet, but they currently show this working on the site as just a gen-AI spouter.

I’d say the best way to do this is in the background where the information is compiled with each piece you do and approved or not. But AI agents will be the future of how we do admin based tasks, but with better prompting.

Features like PDF conversion are nice for taking a imported PDF or spreadsheet and using the AI to convert it instantly into a project is a great feature and again a time-saving function that people can use.

Will Taskade AI prevail against Notion?

Not right now, and I’m not sure they want to. The experience is like Notion in the way you can build workspaces ideal for you, with a bit more structure and the new AI abilities are better than Notion for conversing with AI in my opinion, and the overall goal seems closer to where it should be heading, but we’ll see how things evolve.



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