The $8M Future Notion Challenger

This natively-built documents app is making waves!

Craft Docs is a natively built documents application gaining plenty of ground in the productivity space.

This iOS and Mac tool for capturing long-form doc style has been turning the heads of Notion users left, right and centre.

Thanks to its natively built design combined with its wildest feature, cards – this app is hinting at a future success in the docs/wiki space right now.

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✅ What does Craft do?

Craft isn’t a new concept.

It covers the basic pain points of a documents tool, allowing you to take notes, docs and long form pieces all in one safe location.

You can:

  • Create documents
  • Connect documents using backlinks
  • Create pages or sub-documents

The app contains plenty of text formatting and the ability, like in Notion, to create pages and link between pages.

The cards feature oozes well designed app, as it allows you to customise the look and feel of your page previews – a little like having a graphic designer on hand to beautify your layout.

This is what makes Craft stand out, alongside some really neat abilities Notion lacks, like:

  • Natively built apps (iOS and Mac)
  • Offline Mode
  • Offline Attachment
  • More Traditional Bi-Directional Linking
  • Fluid Sharing Settings

🥸 Why could be challenge Notion?

First off, Craft lacks databases – one of Notion’s killer features, so saying it is a direct competitor would be a lie.

However, at the rate of development – combined with a lot of pick up from the Notion community – it could be on an exciting path to being another Notion alternative for personal use.

The design, feel and look is very much Notion, but the speed and pace of the app makes the heart of the tool feel more robust than Notion.

The features are limiting in terms of the ability to create tools like a habit tracker or a board view, but for those who don’t lean on these abilities – having the ability to connect notes together and build stunning workspaces, is a real pro!

👨‍🚀 Best suited for?

Craft is great for those who want Notion’s look and feel, but in essence a reliable iOS and Mac native Google Docs like experience.

With the speed to which new features are rolling, I see a positive and competitive future, so I wouldn’t be shocked in 2021 if we see Notion getting a close competitor with this app.

$8M investment has head the way of Craft’s team, so with a boost from investment and only 6 months of public release – exciting times ahead for Craft…

📊Thanks for reading along and hearing out my thoughts on Craft, follow today!

Learn Craft for free below!

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