The Big Medium Break-Up

The last 6 months without postings

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What Did I Learn?

  • Don’t Listen to News — If I hadn’t have worried and dropped out of Medium posting, I might have been growing my presence by 500 new followers a month, which was the last recorded month rate.
  • Don’t Drastically Pause — I just stopped one day, from writing 2–3 posts a week, to nothing. This drastic pause didn’t do anything for my writing muscles and of course my own marketing skills.
  • Have Two Blogs — During the time I dropped Medium, I grabbed the website by the horns, along with Alice Camilla — and during this time, we brought our attention to help get the blog up by 3,000+ unique visitors on average per month.
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What’s Next for Medium?

  • Posting Twice a Week — Back again posting twice a week with thought pieces about the software space. From Evernote’s Comeback to Notion’s Rocket Path — it’s
  • Learning Once Again — I’m back to the drawing board with Medium, eager to learn and taking all the learnings in. Medium has a place in my heart and I’m glad to be writing once again.

It’s good to be back!

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