The Future of Bi-Directional Note-Taking Apps is Auto-Tagging

For linking to go mainstream, auto-tagging needs to be standard

On the surface, Obsidian and Roam Research are the hobbyist bi-directional linking applications in the market.

So, when will we see a mass market bi-directional note-taker?

⌕ Why would be important for Evernote to add this?

Well, Evernote do still remain the mainstream go-to note-taker, despite their lack of innovation, and they do control a large part of the market in note-taking consumption.

🤔 Will we see a new entrant take lead?

But as a sole bi-directional note-taker… there’s yet to be a new entry that has overly impressed me, apart from Hypernotes from Zenkit — a very early days impression — gives me the hint that they could well become the Obsidian/Roam for the masses.

📊 Haven’t Notion Tried?

Notion have added a form of linking already, but to much disappointment from users as the level of complexity it would offer.

📝 The real future for bi-directional linking apps is auto-tagging.

The biggest barrier to entry for bi-directional linking applications and one of the main reasons they haven’t gone wildly mainstream — like Notion and Evernote (in the past) — is due to this education aspect, that many aren’t willing to learn/spend their time on.

So, for me, auto-tagging will popularize bi-directional links for the masses.

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