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With the introduction of Google Now in July of 2012, there’s been many hints towards the concept of an assistant/dashboard that follows you across your day. Since then, things have evolved, and we have a whole host of notifications coming onto our smartphone’s home screens, even as we speak.

Of course, things like the Google Assistant are viewable at any time and help outline what’s on and what you need to focus on, but, this noise of constant notifications doesn’t give us a strong view to monitor and check what’s happening effectively, without taking us away.

The concept of a dashboard is the future of how we start our days and end them and how we interact with all our messages/interactions across our days.

You’ve seen it in the movies. A dashboard view, but for your life!

The Closest Bet

Alexa Echo Show is the closest thing to the real deal.

It’s a viewing board for what’s going on… Of course, it lacks the element of being responsive and visualising all that’s happening, as well as being available across your day, but it’s close.

Being able to see all your everything at a glance:

  • Your Health
  • Your Work
  • Your Social Events
  • Your Messaging

Why a Dashboard?!

The last few months have been very interesting for me.

A software called Notion caught my attention and after many months of exploration, I’ve been able to set-up a dashboard view for my workspace activities. The workspace dashboard has allowed me to see all of my most used and active items.

Let’s say for the last few months I’ve been happy being able to see all the most important things of my day, without having to chase-up anything. It’s one of the last applications I shut before the end of the workday and the first opened in the morning.

This really caught my eye as a first step.


Flexible dashboards would be the first step.

A modular experience for viewing what’s important to you. All the right data at your fingertips as you start the day and as you end it.

First off, it’ll be pretty open to what you tend to work with.

Like your favourite podcasts in the morning, then over time, learn about you and fill in all of the gaps. The dashboard would then become responsive and follow you across your day, to match your screen and platform.

Pretty neat huh?! So who will get to it first?!

Google or Amazon or Apple

So the battle begins. Who’ll be the first to the mark… the major competitors?! Let us know in the comments below!

Stay tuned on the YouTube channel for more features.

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