The Next Chapter.

Our vision for Tool Finder and where it is heading.


We started Keep Productive in 2012, with a simple blog, podcast and YouTube channel about productivity tools.

Whilst it wasn’t called Keep Productive at the time, the vision was there for something that helped people understand productivity software in an easy and understandable manner.

Since then, we’ve continued that vision — without a real product.

Zoom forward to 2023.

We now have that. Tool Finder. A brain for finding productivity tools in a fun, easy and consumable manner.

Easy to follow, productivity tool discovery.

Tool discovery and matching without the fuss of too much complexity, too much noise and most importantly metrics that can be easily understood.

What you see today is really 5% of the vision.

✨ What’s next for Tool Finder?

Exploring our roadmap for 2023 and what’s to come.

Tool Pages

We’re going to continue to evolve what we offer on tool pages, going more in-depth without confusing you. News, courses, trainers and deep dives — without all the fuss and stress of

Making videos the fore-front of your experience.


This will continue to evolve in 2023. Tools will be easier to find based on other attributes outside of type of tool and tool name.

Expert Lists

We don’t know everything. But we do know who does.

Collaborative lists will become our base for helping you find a tool, with experts in the driving seat in helping you pick the best ones.


Finally, news will continue to expand as the year goes on, with exclusive interviews with teams and feature explorations.

More To Come

We do plan to announce more. But what’s the fun in telling you all. Our mission is clear, to help you find the best productivity tools for work and life. Let’s help you accomplish that with Tool Finder.



Francesco D'Alessio

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