The Rise of Planner Apps

A hybrid to-do list/calendar app making waves right now!

Francesco D'Alessio
4 min readAug 9, 2021


Over the years, productivity applications have continued to evolve and change… as we’ve all expected!

The world of to-do list applications was once overwhelmed (and still is) but over the last few months, a new form of “to-do list” application has been impressing many as a one-stop personal productivity hub.

Sunsama’s team and personal task + calendar hub!

Planner apps have been on the rise.

Yes, we’ve seen the influx in Notion use, but the planner market is slowly becoming more interesting for those who want to skip past this micro-management/building of their own Notion layout.

So let’s begin with…

📔 What is a planner app & what’s out there?

Week’s fresh new look to help you tackle focus and weekly goals

Unlike tools like Todoist and TickTick, a planner application condenses most things into one-page to help you plan both your calendar and tasks.

Planner applications aren’t new, tools like Focuster and Sunsama have been out there for some time, but the sudden rise in these all-in-one hub planners have taken us by storm as a “newer” way to plan and prioritise in one place.

Some good examples of planner tools/apps out there are:

  • Sunsama — a $20 per month powerful way to connect your calendar + tasks together in one central hub…
  • Focuster — a “smart” way to manage your list of tasks — by helping you plan them based on the time you have during your day.
  • Akiflow — Another tool similar to Sunsama allowing you to consolidate tools into one applications — eg. all your existing team to-do’s and events



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