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Thoughts: the death of Sunrise Calendar… 😞

It’s been around 3 weeks now since the sad event.

The night it happened….😞

I was coming home from a day at work, eager and ready to make a new video for the Channel.

I had been planning this specific video for a week now. It was to be called “Top 5 Sunrise Calendar Tips”. Summarising the best features and tips to using Sunrise Calendar, one of the most prestigious calendar apps in the world.

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For those who don’t know, Sunrise Calendar has one of the largest audiences for calendar apps and a fantastic service that is very popular across consumers around the world. It is used to organise calendar events, monitor multiple calendars and plan your days and weeks.

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So I finished the creation of the video at 10:30PM, created the relevant marketing material to run with this and was ready to post this out!

Opening up my Twitter account ready to post it!

There on my Twitter feed was “Sunrise” trending, and I was like:

Naturally I clicked into this as I thought maybe a new feature had rolled out or people in the community were chattering.

And to the result...

Sunrise’s assets had been acquired to Microsoft’s Outlook iOS and Android Application. I was in pure shock, Sunrise as not only loosing some of it’s technology to Microsoft (who do own Sunrise, for those who don’t know) but they were actually being shut-down.

I quickly caught up with the news and what had just happened. Sunrise’s support was being shut off and Microsoft would acquire it’s full technologies. Not only that, but Outlook had started taking it’s features from Sunrise and had pushed an update.

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In my “anger”, I messaged the Twitter Sunrise account about my video. Sunrise quickly replied with this tweet. They thanked me for my effort with the video and agreed to share it (they still haven’t).

Some messages from the community were apparent with thoughts and opinions being spread far and wide in all a very similar direction.

At the moment, I’m yet to really get over this micro-tech tragedy. This was a defining moment in the way we all see productivity apps and their relevance to larger services like Microsoft, Google and Apple. Especially if and when the Tech Bubble bursts, they’ll all get gobbled up…

What I predicted?

In my current opinion, Microsoft made such a strange decision removing Sunrise from the App Store.I highly believe this was one of their few consumer facing apps that they could have began to Microsoft bran out to the users but not destroy.

This was a strong home for many millions of organised and semi-organised individuals.

What does it mean for the Productivity industry?

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Although Sunrise will be around… It’ll be going soon.

It simply means that we all have to be careful, with the Apps we all use, with the tools we all love. Making sure that they are comfortable in the space is important. I didn't see Sunrise or Wunderlist coming to be honest, Microsoft bought two very consumer facing productivity apps, I saw the value in this, but not how it played into their business technology.

I know they were trying for a concerted effort at driving more personal experiences inside bigger business apps but not at the expensive of something that could have continued to be huge.

Acquisitions are a scary place…

Wunderlist’s future

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Let’s all keep our eye on how Wunderlist progresses. I’m not too sure now. I’m sure I’ll make a prediction video soon. But I strongly believe that Wunderlist might be up next for duty.



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