Too late for Trello & Asana?

Have the fast-paced ClickUp and Monday caught up too much?

The last few years for the project management software space have been rather exciting!

Tools like ClickUp* and* have risen to the challenge, giving more traditional tools like Trello and Asana a run for their money, but what lies ahead for Trello and Asana…

And can they hold up a good fight? 🗡

👑 The Kingdom of Views

Asana’s Timeline View

Like most people in a team, you view things a different way — from everything to what you think of the staff around you to the tools you use, same applies to project management tools.

Views help us navigate our days, and people are understanding the growing importance of flexible data and how it can change the way you work.

For much of the last 2 years, Trello and Asana haven’t had many views outside of the basic. Trello had the Kanban board view and the calendar power-up to offer to their customers and same goes to Asana with board, list and timeline — only recently have they added more layers.

Tools like Monday, see below, have been adding a variety of views to help different types of members — and along with other more modern additions to the project management space have made views key.

🤴🏽 Views are key in 2021

⚡️ New Trello Emerges

Trello have added a host of new upgrades — adding more views as a primary focus. With Board, Map, Timeline, Calendar, List and Table views — Trello is quite clearly bringing its game to ClickUp and

This movement from Atlassian’s Trello has helped restore a lot of people faith in Trello and how it is acting with its acquired project management tool.

📒 Does this mean they are both back?


Like with all tools, sometimes reflection and seeing what the market really loves can help, but the focus of being nimble in releases can help you catch-up what you’ve missed on.

The key will be adding views, improved onboarding and greater wiki abilities — to help continue the innovation in the project management field.

📒 Note: More recently, in the last year, Asana have been upping their game with video updates of all news features.

📊 Let me know your opinions below!

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