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Top 8 Productivity/Health/Business Blogs for September 2015

Like a lot of people, everyday I tend to check and keep updated on my favourite content producers.

This is a list that summaries some of my favourite bloggers, vloggers and creators of fantastic Productivity/Business/Self-help resources.

This list will continue to evolve over time reflect the quality and consistency of the content within the sites. I will continue my list and update you on Twitter. I am always inspired by the quality and level of consistency of these individuals in which I try to implement into my YouTube Channel.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

I started watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s content at the start of 2015. I’ve dramactically changed since. Mindset, fitness, mentality, productivity and drive and focus has been adapted to his fantastic advice and teachings.

Gary delivers content perfect for entrepreneurial minds, hard working individuals and driving towards your higher level goals.


CALL-TO-ACTION: Head over to — Follow him there.

2. Paul Minors

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This is Paul.

Paul in the last 3–4 months has become not only a fellow productivity blogger but a source of advice and knowledge.

His Blog + Podcast encompasses high quality productivity tips tools and techniques. He recommends some fantastic tools but goes deeper on how to use them and the methodology of techniques. He’s like a mini-Tim Ferriss.

Paul and I make content together every now and then. See our last piece.

This session covers morning routines — for those looking to develop theirs.

CALL-TO-ACTION: Head over to and follow his Blog!

3. Todoist Blog

Number 3 comes from a regular Blog that puts out some fantastic content. They go much much deeper on two different things:

  • How to go deeper with your Productivity techniques
  • How to get more detail when using Todoist, their task manager.

For example, they add huge value with these style posts. Talking around Productivity, the topic as a Productivity tool is so important. Makes me feel closer to the app but also the topic of learning.

CALL-TO-ACTION: Start following their Blog — Weekly content ALERT!

4. Timothy Ferriss

Tim’s Show is out of this world. Tim, if you don’t know him already brings together the top minds of the world, de constructs their activities, builds upon them and allows you to take actionable advice away to implement.

His episodes are deep. 2 hours averagely in length and regular. Maybe between 1–2 a week. His work his impressive and I always come back to catch-up with his fitness, productivity and entrepreneurial topics on his podcast.

CALL-TO-ACTION: Watch his latest episode! It’s fantastic!

5. Lavendaire — YouTuber.

Aileen is a lifestyle vlogger. I found her content when browsing YouTube. She delivers fantastic high-quality videos about developing your productivity, fitness and self-help style problems with life.

I find her videos really concise, effective and precise. I watch her weekly videos and find them fantastic.

CALL-TO-ACTION: Watch this video below — it’s the perfect introduction.

6. Casey Neistat

His technology + lifestyle style daily vlog is fantastic for looking to develop and improve areas of your life.

His Channel is full of creative advice, life advice and business advice. He has a strong work-life balance and loves what he does, his passion is portrayed in his videos. This channel will really inspire your everyday activity and ask fundamental questions about how you do your work.

One of my favourite videos of his:

CALL-TO-ACTION: Follow him on Beme — for his story in real time.

7. Swipes App Blog

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The Swipes Team are like a super forward thinking team. They really work hard individually to make the users feel special on social media and they also deliver such a fantastic blog.

I’m a regular reader and always looking for more ways to develop my use of Evernote, how to work more effectively and how to be a better person. I tend to look here.

CALL-TO-ACTION: Simply follow Mitko on social for all the Blog updates and his thoughts about Productivity:

8. John Burk

After a lot of controversy, I think John’s videos are pretty useful. He talks about everything fitness and loosing weight. Very similar to Gary Vaynerchuk — he talks “no complaining” when it comes to fitness and I respect this. Well worth a viewing if you have some time. Don’t be surprised if you find some aggressive content there.


Hope this list is useful…

Tweet me @FrancescoD_Ales which is your favourite..

Oh and recommend some more… !

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