Unveiling the Next AI Leap for Productivity…

What’s next for the evolution of productivity software

Francesco D'Alessio
2 min readMar 29

Productivity AI has been undergoing vast changes these last few months. Since OpenAI introduced their more widely available API options, developers in productivity software have been going wild, notable releases includes:

Let’s cut right to the point. What’s next for productivity AI?


Once we master the structure of a productivity software, honing how it works to organise your days with no effort, bring notes to the forefront and re-coordinate your calendar events, then health is next.

Health underpins a lot of technologies, but productivity is yet to be fully done. The closest example of this is Endel*, a music application that creates soundscapes for you, designed around your movement, location, time of day and health factors — detected on the smartwatch.

Every productivity software in 5–10 years, will include health as a primary feature that unlocks more potential — it will come at a premium and the user will be required to offer.

Microsoft Viva Insights were one of the first to do this by presenting opportunities to do meditation and breaks that suitably match your work schedule. But we’re far from the final results…

What Will It Do?

Health integrations in productivity software will present smarter approaches to work by side-loading everything from:

  • Workouts
  • Sleep Quality
  • Stress Levels
  • Energy
  • Relationship Status
  • Mood

And much more I’m sure. This data will be readily available to make decisions. Let’s think of a few ways they could impact your productivity tool usage.

  • Workouts — pair focused work sessions in your task manager after you finish a major workout —…



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