We’re launching an app!

An exciting but scary leap for Keep Productive

🌿 How it began?

Ever since I opened up a productivity application on my Dad’s PalmPilot— I’ve always wanted to build a piece of software. After almost 8 years of reviewing them on YouTube — it’s now come time to actually release one to the world.

This has sort of been 12–13 years in the making, ever since I was creating basic lists to manage my task on my whiteboard in school and opening up Evernote for the first time back in 2012, I’m pinching myself that this day could come.

Some of the old school productivity methods (circa 2012)

This journey starts with two app developer, Karl & Robin — friends from university that we’ve been building this application in their spare time.

These guys have been working in the background, with myself on video calls to help shape and mould this application into what it is today.

📱 Just another productivity app

Whilst I’m not ready to share the concept fully until we have a beta launch.

There’s that question, and also ponder — is this just another productivity app to add to the thousands? — some in which I have on my list to review already.

Yes and no.

Whilst it is a new application to add to your decision-making, we’ve built this concept with two three ingredients:

  • Do Less — The majority of productivity apps want you to do more. More tasks. More notes. More projects. It’s natural. We want you to do less with this app, honing in on what matters and limiting your ability to add more.
  • Assists — Most apps, except assisting apps tend to battle for position. You can’t really use Todoist and TickTick at the same time, well — it’s rare. Our app, you can use with anything — it actually compliments use.
  • Method — Like the cringey folk we are, we’ve developed a method. This method sits on top of the app, simple enough to not forget — but challenging enough to follow and feed into your work.

📅 When’s it out?

We’re estimating release in early March or late February, if we push. We’d love you to become a beta tester in late Jan/early Feb and excited!

✍🏼 What to expect?

A few more clues, this application sits in the “Task Management/Focus” realm and it’ll likely sale on iOS and Android for $7.99.

This is a super scary period of time.

Reviewing apps, I know what an app needs to be good. So making sure it’s perfect but released is even more stressful. This process has taught me so much of the app development process that I didn’t know before, so have a higher respect for app development now.

The geniuses behind the app are still at work and I’m excited to launch it with them both.




🎯 Host of Keep Productive — predicting the future of productivity apps and helping people find and learn the tools & software.

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Francesco D'Alessio

Francesco D'Alessio

🎯 Host of Keep Productive — predicting the future of productivity apps and helping people find and learn the tools & software.

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