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What Notion’s $2bn Price Tag Means

How the 36-hour fund-raiser could support Notion for 10+ years

Notion has recently secured a hefty $50 million funding round as reported by the New York Times, bringing their value up to $2bn.

For those still unaware of Notion, where have you been?! The rising star of the productivity software space, Notion made leaps to become the “all-in-one workspace” tool — helping you to do a range of tools you may have traditionally done with Trello, Evernote, Bear, Asana, Todoist & more.

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Notion will be the next Office 365

Notion has been around for some time now and exploding in popularity and this is it’s time to become the next Office 365. Notion has a hidden gem that is yet to be released, the API, opening up the experience to adding apps, plug-ins all baked into a directory of usefulness.

When Notion releases this, they could very well become the hub for work, much like Office 365 is — with all its toolkit in one place, Notion would be the first thing you open in the morning and shut at night and potentially go even further than Microsoft by managing personal life as well as work life.

From $800m to $2bn in 1 year

Back in July 2019, Notion raised a round of $10 million to secure a pre-money valuation of $800m. A wild piece of news, and just 9 months later, we’re seeing another $50m pumped in with a figure more than double.

With my very lacked knowledge of finance, this is an exciting set of figures. As the world’s work habits change, so do times and Notion seems to have grasped good attention in the space, remaining profitable since 2018, a rare sight.

Profits from 2018

The element that may have excited investors is this very fact that Notion has been making money since 2018, something Evernote and many tools weren’t able to do even in their early days. This is why the funding round was closed within the first 36 hours, thanks to investors jumping at the opportunity.

Raises are worthless if profit isn’t being made and Notion is very much gaining love from teams, personal users and more around the world. With 4M+ users worldwide, active growth for Notion has 4x’d in one year.

10 Years Support

So Notion now has 10 years of runway to support the life of this application. This security surely helps the team feel good, but it’s the community’s opinion that matters, as history dictates.

A snapshot of Evernote between 2015–2019 has been a perfect example. Their community began to find other experiences, like Notion, to use and embrace thanks to their lack of development.

If Notion can get out their API in 2020 and continue to bolster the basics of their application, 2021 could be an exciting year for not only Notion but the space of personal all-in-one workspace productivity…

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