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What the new Wunderlist could look like…

If Christian Reber bought it back, what would it look like…

The Founder’s Vision

Christian Reber, the founder of Wunderlist — now owned by Microsoft — has openly made Microsoft aware that he’s got plans to buy it back.

We addressed many of his comments in the last video and article.

One of the most pressing tweets he’s shared has been around what he wants and plans if he were to get hold of the service.

Now, what I quite like about this is that Reber has thought about it. Despite the lack of formality, eg. knocking it up in Apple Notes, he’s been pondering this, you can very much get a sense of that!

Let’s begin to discuss what each point means and how that could impact the to-do list app user.

Feature Breakdown

  • 100% Free, Open-Source

This is an interesting statement by Reber. Plans to go open-source are always attractive to the current security-aware and tech-savvy market. Making it free forever too would allow being an interesting move, especially with a market so willing to pay for good to-do list experiences.

  • Ultra-Fast, Lightweight + Keyboard First
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Inspired by Superhuman, Wunderlist would need to be nimble, easy to use on all platforms and snappy. I’ve heard great things from the Superhuman experience.

  • Shared Folders, Note-Taking, Board View, API

This would take Wunderlist to the next level, but at the same time, might bloat the software. It depends on how it’s been done. Taskade have got the balance right and if Wunderlist added this, Taskade would come into play as their main competitor, in my opinion.

  • Cross-Platform, Collaboration for Businesses & Roles

You see, I’m not sure that this would spread Wunderlist too thin. In my opinion, it did such a superb job at allowing people to organize themselves, not vasts amounts of people. But that’s my own thoughts.

All in all, Reber’s plans do seem like he’s been thinking about this. And taking inspiration from Pitch, his more recent start-up that’s been growing in the presentation market.

Reber is an investor in Notion too. So spreading this application out into that team management realm might mean that they over-compete in the market.

My thoughts are simple. If Reber got Wunderlist back, he should:

  • Build the community up again, thank users + share updates
  • Get Wunderlist rocket fast and add a card note-taking feature (like he mentioned) to help it stand out from the likes of Microsoft To-Do
  • Then market that out for a year or so…

Hey, what do I know? These are just things I’d love to see!

Let’s see what happens!

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