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What’s New with Evernote?

The latest news, updates, and glimpses of the future of Evernote

Now before we begin, all companies will be affected by what’s happening right now, so progress won’t be the same all around. With the stress, the anxiety and the pressure many people are under, it’s not ideal for any company, so this is purely an update — kindly don’t pressure them.

1. Is a New Logo Coming?

Over the last few weeks, I keep seeing this dark Evernote logo. Both on the staff members, and the beta programs. Despite Evernote being green, will Evernote ever go dark in its branding?!

  • A short answer. It could do. Evernote, like many companies, will have their own color schemes and branding — but this dark edition keeps popping up in new places.
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  • Remember, branding is more than just a logo. I wanted to share a few of the other ways Evernote could be re-positioning their product for better market fit.
  • This logo edition has been out for some time, however, now been used more often…

2. Fixing the Core of Evernote

Evernote has been hard at work fixing their cloud storage back-up, but most recently how each application is written in code.

  • 🎫 No shared code — Evernote was built by different designers, in different languages on multiple clients, which has made it a mess to clean-up and centralize their application.
  • 🧠 Conduit — One of Ian and the team’s focus points is bringing this coding platform together — so all updates ship at the same time. Conduit is the answer, a new space to centralize code shipments.

With this focus on the core, Evernote begins to build its foundations ready for new and exciting use cases, but we have to be patient with their plans.

3. Beta Beta Beta

The beta program seems to be one of the most active projects Evernote has right now. Whilst I’m not inside of it, this is good news, as Evernote begins to push testing out to the community and give those a chance to peek into what’s next. This was definitely a wish of mine, to have an active focus on beta/development.

You can join their beta program below:

Time will tell, but Evernote has a big focus right now, and that’s to onboard new remote employees in which we’ll see happen.

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