What’s next for Trello!?

Trello’s recent acquisition news came as a bit of a shock to me.

Atlassian buys Trello

Although I had considered something like this, I would have never thought for one moment that Atlassian would acquire Trello. For those who are catching up, this week, Atlassian, a software development company acquired project management tool Trello for over 400M — here’s a little more on that.

Personally I’ve been using Trello since 2013 or so. My first interaction was using Trello to organize some of the ongoing class work that I had running.

So when this news sprung up on social media I was a bit shocked. After reading up on the next moves for Trello — it seems quite apparent that Trello will be continuing it’s efforts on product and new integrations + features.

In true acquisition fashion, I had a thought to what if Trello was merged into an existing Atlassian product like Confluence, Jiva or even HipChat? After Microsoft and Sunrise fiascho, I wanted to keep all of my options open.

Atlassian’s CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes has stated that they want to co-ordinate their effort towards reaching 100M monthly actives which helped to restore a little faith in Trello’s future.

“Co-ordinate their effort towards reaching 100M monthly actives”

Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian CEO

As I’m not too much of “power-user” to Trello, I decided to reach out to a few of the passionate Trello users out there and captured their opinions of the news. Here’s Alice’s opinions, she’s a big power-user of Trello:

Alice — from Geeky Burrow

“My first reaction, to be fair, was a big “Oh, no!” followed by a face-palm emoji in my mind.

Seriously, I don’t know the Atlassian company and I’ll try to learn more about it now, but my experience with great apps acquired by others isn’t satisfying (WhatsApp, Wunderlist and Instagram, for example, I’m even skeptical about Evernote partnering with Google!).

I love the way Trello is run and the transparency from its team, I’m afraid of loosing that and for the evolution of the app. There is always a negative side in these partnerships (even with all the good improvements promised), in my opinion.

I’ll certainly keep using Trello for now, but I might look somewhere else if they’ll penalise free plans, as many Trello users are speculating right now.

What do I think about Trello?!

I’ve been wrong before…

This is me. I have a great relationship with Trello, they send me t-shirts occasionally.

For Trello and I… we have a brilliant relationship — it’s a fantastic product, great team and I love their t-shirts… (as you can see).

This is what I think…

“Trello should stay alive, from Atlassian’s product set I can’t see a merge with another tool. Atlassian should focus on driving Trello’s product over the next year to grow out features, improve UI (as it’s a little behind) and drive more value for paid Trello Gold users, that’s my thoughts”

If you are scared and aren’t sold by what they’ve said… I decided to go ahead and create a list of Trello alternatives on YouTube…

VIDEO: 5+ Trello Alternatives

  1. Asana Boards
  2. TaskWorld
  3. Kanban Tool
  4. ZenKit
  5. Favro

If you wanted to get in touch with me about the recent Trello news, drop me an email. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the transition.

Francesco D’Alessio is a productivity app reviewer, fan and user! He creates videos on his YouTube channel, blogs, articles for Lifehack.org, Despreneur and much more to help educate the others about apps, tools and resources. He’s been featured on CNET, Microsoft, Todoist’s Blog and more for his work.

Twitter: @FrancescoD_Ales

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