Adding Tasks will save you time…

There is a lot of speculation about online task management tools around the time taken to submit tasks to the system. This article covers, the amount of time taken across your day and the benefits of using your time. This next step-by-step overviews the process you go through when adding a task in a task management system online.

  1. Loading the Website/App — Average 2 seconds
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2. Opening the mini-window for “adding a task” — 1 second

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3. Entering text for the task — 10 seconds

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4. Adding dates/times for task — 5 seconds

5. Adding context or notes to task — 10 seconds

6. Adding labels or filters to task — 5 seconds

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Apply this same theory of administration time to around 30 concentrated tasks (average) that you collate throughout your average day.

The average tasks takes:

33 seconds x 30 tasks = 990 seconds = 16 minutes and 30 seconds of your day spent administrating tasks.

This doesn’t take into account monitoring and developing your task lists and this is very general for the average person using the Task Management applications. Additionally this doesn't take into account the multiple times you do this across your day.

Benefits of Admin of tasks

Why invest your time into adding the task if 15–20 minutes later you may delete this and get rid of it?

  • Saves time in the long term

Although this is 16 minutes and a half of your day doesn’t sound like a long time, when you add some additional added time around the sides this is 20 minutes. In the offices people are fighting for minutes to get their work done and get more done for the week’s targets.

This time taken to add, process and analyse these tasks will directly pay-back in the future, through your Stress Levels. Part of “stress” is the inability to manage your thoughts and information, with the ability to remove “open loops” (uncompleted tasks) from your head and onto a system that allows you to process them pays huge dividends for your stress. Removing those core thoughts and tasks is worth that 20 minutes of your day.

Reducing your Admin Time Hacks:

  • Keyboard Shortcutting

When using your online tasks management system, an important tip is to find out whether they have some web-based keyboard shortcuts. Remembering some of these basic keyboard shortcuts can pay-back in a big way.

They can be as simple as CTRL+ Q — to add a new task — after remembering 5–10 of these it has saved me around 4 minutes across my day with these tasks admin.

  • Use Notification Features

When using the application version of the task management service, you can utilise their ability for quick adding of tasks via the iOS Notification Center or the Android OS notification tray. This is such a neat feature and will save you time on the go with these tasks managers.

  • Under 2–5 minute rule

The rule of thumb here is when you have a task you need to define whether it can be complete between 2 and 5 minutes. If it can be completed and you have the time and enviroment to complete it — do it then.

The idea of this, is saving time on having to add this in your task management app.

This overviews why adding tasks actually can save you value TIME and STRESS…

I’d love to hear your experience of using To Do list applications

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