Why Evernote is Still Number 1

The best global note-taking application hasn’t changed just yet!?

“Francesco, I’m an Evernote user — I have no issues, but I’m really tempted to move over Notion, what do you think?”

This is a relevant question.

The last 2–3 years for Evernote haven’t exactly gone to plan, and there’s no doubt from reading comments and checking Twitter search that people are migrating out of the long-standing note-taker Evernote for the pure case of lack of innovation and design.

Why Evernote Still Rocks?

This is normally how the conversation goes:

  • User: “Francesco, I’m an Evernote user — I have no issues, but I’m really tempted to move over Notion, what do you think?”
  • Francesco: “Hello there, well, let’s start by asking what you currently use Evernote for and why you chose it in the first place?”
  • User: “Sure, I use Evernote to capture notes and looking at Notion for creating notes and organizing , I’ve been an Evernote user since 2013”
  • Francesco: “Awesome, so what are your most used features in Evernote?”
  • User: “Mainly, scanning in documents and annotating them, writing long notes and planning with tags”
  • Francesco: “Brilliant, well, I think you might struggle with this in Notion. It’s possible, but will require more apps and more time. Would you say you have a major issue with Evernote?”
  • User: “No, I like Evernote. I just see Notion as a good alternative and many uses for day to day work, but no quams with Evernote”
  • Francesco: “I’d recommend sticking with Evernote then, if you’re not having major issues and it solves your needs. I’d stick to it. Sure, Notion might add these in the future, but chances are you want

Features That Evernote Still Slays With

Evernote does have some killer features that if you can’t replicate and replace inside of Notion, aren’t even worth considering a switch. I’d say Evernote still is the number one note-taking app for the following features:

Scanning Tools

Being able to scan in with your camera in high-quality is a killer feature of Evernote and works solidly for professional documents and more.


Being able to annotate PDFs is a really smooth and easy native experience inside of Evernote and works perfectly for sending onto clients/others.

Offline Abilities

Evernote stores the files locally, perfectly for offline work and being able to manage the location of your files and documents.

Email Forwarding

Being able to send emails into your Evernote account for your email is one of the big features Notion is missing, attachments and all.

Web Clipper

Whilst Notion has a Web Clipper, the Evernote one isn’t even close to being matched. PDF clipping, annotation and more brings it to the number one spot.

Do I still use Evernote?

  • Saving vouchers and discounts
  • Converting documents into PDF and annotating them

If you are seriously considering Notion, take our course — we’ll guide you through that world!

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