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Why I haven’t quit the dying app, Sunrise!

In August 2015, the giant Sunrise, the calendar application, was declared as a discontinued product of Microsoft (acquired February 2015).

I’ve shared my opinions on past blogs and videos about how I feel about Sunrise making their decision to transfer support and assets over to their the new and (to be fair) always improving Microsoft Outlook app.

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If you haven’t been able to read them, my overall opinion has been, I do understand the trail of thoughts on moving to Outlook…however didn’t see it as a worthy and worthwhile decision to stop support for the fast growing and “best” calendar applications on the App Store.

They simply could have kept the two running, whilst working out effective monetisation for them both.

But now it’s March 2016… so why do I still use Sunrise on an everyday basis?

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Simple. It’s still running in full functionality.

I’m currently using Sunrise to manage event invitations, calendar invites, create and modifty events across work (Microsoft Outlook), business (Google Calendar), personal email accounts (Google, iCal), view other people’s calendar (Google), connecting Zapier and much more, everyday.

Now, I’m one for moving bases fast when apps announce their departure date, and when a service as good as Sunrise hasn’t announced a closure date. That’s a good thing, it simply allows you more leg room to use the service as and when you please.

Granted, I understand this is not going to last forever, and maybe I’m shrouding myself from the bigger issue at hand.

Sunrise is going to be gone soon…. But!

Very similar to if my phone got destroyed tomorrow, I could get back up and running within 30 minutes of getting a new phone, with minimal set-up time.

Many of the great apps that have, “fallen” have been applications that are heavily reliant on using their own cloud service. Sunirse simply doesn’t have this problem. Sunrise allows you to plug-in lots of other calendar tools, Sunrise simply operates as a great reception desk to my daily activities. So essentially Sunrise doesn’t own anything here, its like I’m setting up a tent on their land where moving isn’t that tough…

“Sunrise is a temporary reception desk for my calendars”

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At the moment, Sunrise could easily crash/die tomorrow and I could be moved over within an hour to another service, something very uncommon, especially for users of native data apps such as Evernote where the data is hard to export to other apps.

This does lead into another conversation surrounding the backing up of data. In recent news, OneNote has launched Evernote import. I think the future of productivity apps has to adapt to being open to jump from other applications, very similar to how CRM systems work, open to new users from other services.

I highly recommend keeping with Sunrise if you have cloud calendar services like Google, iCal, Outlook and more. If you’re using Fantastical 2, Google’s Calendar service or have found a solution, that’s great. Just know that you can still be using Sunrise until the very end.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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