Why Kinopio could be a hit in 2021!

The future of personal mind-mapping is coming!

On the surface, its looks like mind mapping application — but dig deeper and it resembles a visual version of tools like Obsidian and Hypernotes in a spatial thinking format.

Kinopio hasn’t been on the market long and its odd logo and name make it standout as a wild option amongst other productivity tools. However, Kinopio is a tool that has me thinking and eager for more.

🐙 What is Kinopio?

Essentially it is a canvas for organizing your thoughts and ideas.

Much like mind map, Kinopio offers a workspace for adding notes, tasks and even random thoughts — but Kinopio bakes in some decent tagging, linking between notes and even total customisation of a canvas.

It definitely continues to impress me, Kinopio reminds me of if Milanote and Miro had a baby and it was used for personal use only.

🤲🏼 Why Kinopio is special?

Skipping past some of the more basic features, which we cover in our early days review. Kinopio actually brings some decent deeper level abilities, that aren’t too hard to comprehend.

Tags aren’t just there to look pretty, they are the relationships between your “spaces” in Kinopio, so tag something in one note in a space, and you can use tags within each space to find another reference. Much like bi-directional note linking but in a much more understandable format for topics/themes.

Linking between notes is a perfect way to build a relationship, and you can link between a note and a task and even add as many relationships as like, removing any need for a graph view.

Each relationship between notes in Kinopio can be branched with different “connections” — essentially ropes that join each note. These can be filtered and narrowed down, so you don’t even have to leave the page or space.

👨🏻‍💻 Predictions for Kinopio

Kinopio, by the looks of it, is a one man band. A hobby project that keep gaining traction with those, partically, students and visual thinkers that love the nature of mind maps but have an interest in baking their notes with tags and more.

Whilst Kinopio is on the pricier side, $5 per month, it can be a haven not just for tasks, but notes and even journal entries and anything with templates.

🔎 Why this market will explode?

For Kinopio, this is a gap in the market, not many mind mapping tools have really delved into the personal idea management space and made it so customisable, visual and welcoming as Kinopio.

With focus tools being the key growth area in 2021 (my own thoughts) I think Kinopio lies at a very interesting path ahead as it adds a very usable iOS app and plans to continue growing as a tool.

🌺 Would love your thoughts on Kinopio, naturally still early days, but really enjoying how this tool is blossoming!

👨🏻‍💻 Host of Keep Productive — talking about the future of productivity software here on Medium 👋🏻

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