Why Mem Is 2022’s App to Watch

Why is it an interesting note-taker right now?

Francesco D'Alessio
3 min readSep 6, 2021


With millions of productivity tools, the world is never in short supply of note-taking applications. From Evernote to Roam, the options to continue to grow and grow for better and smarter ways to note-take.

This article will explore new note-taking application, Mem.

I tend to make courses on the hottest note-takers, so with this article, I’m happy to announce the Mem Made Simple course for learning Mem.

📮 What Makes New Note-Taker Mem Special?

You’ve probably heard this a dozen times. This app is going to be the next hot thing. Productivity is much like a car lot or even fashion, with the trends flowing and the popularity flying and falling.

The last few years I’ve reported on Obsidian and Notion — both high-flying tools right now as note-taking platforms, and with Mem — I’ve found something in between.

In between complex and light.

A healthy middle ground for capturing notes, managing basic tasks and bringing everything together with your calendar appointments.

With the flows and more advanced features you can create workflows that increase the speed of capture and the investment into the app does excite me.

Some limitations are in place with Mem, including no Gmail support — only GSuite, only web and MacOS right now and a waitlist too.

🎯 Mem’s Most Interesting Features

MacOS Spotlight



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