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Will Evernote Add Backlinks in 2021?

Roam, Obsidian and Notion all have backlink abilities…

This last month, I spoke with now Evernote CEO Ian Small — this turned out to be a super interesting conversation about how Evernote aims to chase back up to the pack in their own unique way.

One of the biggest things on my mind was around when Evernote will be releasing new features. Cutting a long story short, Evernote’s Ian shared that they aim to add a major new feature every quarter, so with my excellent maths skills that makes 4 major features a year.

Ian called them “boulders” — which is an Evernote team’s internal name for a major release — that he thinks will change the way people view Evernote.

Apparently, this will not included features smaller, like coloured highlights, essentially his rule of thumb is anything press worthy are boulders.

  • Evernote have been quiet for 18 months due to re-building
  • These new efforts included major overhaul of their platform architecture
  • Revised approaches to their cloud accessibility
  • Most importantly this has paused Evernote’s feature releases
  • With their only major release being a new look for iOS editions
  • Bug fixes will be easier, fix it once, fix it everywhere

🗞 What’s coming?

Ian didn’t allude to what’s coming officially, but he did state a few things:

  • Evernote are aware that they’ve not been innovating
  • They haven’t shipped things for personal Evernote users
  • A few years ago the personal productivity space was tired
  • They don’t want to chase after Roam or Notion in terms of features
  • Evernote want to become the new trend setters
  • They aren’t leading in innovation, but scale
  • Evernote want to learn from Roam and Notion
  • They have people in the company working on 2 big new features
  • The goal is to get the client out on all devices before then

🔗 Backlinks…

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So in the interview, Ian actually used an example of backlinks, whilst this isn’t exact evidence, his body language and use of it in demonstration did portray that Evernote has had this on their mind for the platform.

Evernote have had a feature called Context, launched back in 2013, will they just resurrect this feature and bring it to life by connecting all the existing references inside of your Evernote account.

But if you want my thoughts, I think it’s already on the cards as Evernote users begin to see the excitement into tools like Roam and Obsidian (ps. I know no more than the average joe at this stage).

✨ Speculation

To be honest, I think Evernote will release an Obsidian like update that allows you to connect pages and somehow allow you to see a preview of this in a window and how they connect to notes.

This is a public facing Obsidian Publish page, but I’m more certain Evernote’s version will probably look more like this than anything.

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