Will Microsoft Loop Win Against Notion…?

The new entrance Microsoft Loop impresses with “components”

Francesco D'Alessio
3 min readApr 3

Microsoft Loop is a new canvas like experience for managing your documents, pages and “Loop Components” in one location.

It gives a balance between Sharepoint, Google Wave and Notion.

Short answer. Not yet.

Microsoft has clearly seen the rise of Notion, the evolution has been vast for companies organising information and sharing information — instead of being trapped in silos like Slack, Teams and other communication tools.

This has scared Microsoft into doing something about it…

Potentially too late.

But at least an entrance has arrived with Microsoft Loop.

Essentially Microsoft Loop introduces a MVP of what’s to come. The Loop layout is clean and very Notion like, presenting a place to do the following:

  • Bring together documents — across your 365 platform
  • Create pages — use basic abilities to create pages & new docs
  • Create components — that can be used in most 365 tools

All of this doesn’t touch what Notion offers a total collective, but gives just about enough to introduce the conversation.

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