Wunderlist is almost dead!

And there’s a new sheriff in town…

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The next 6 months might see the demise of Wunderlist. Officially!

Microsoft To-Do, the application “replacing” Wunderlist has now released their Mac application and with this step-up in development from the team, I think it’s safe to say the end is nigh for Wunderlist and it’s story.

☠ ️So, What Will Happen to Wunderlist?

Wunderlist is still usable on all platforms right now.

But for how much longer?! Chances are Microsoft will press the magic switch off button on Wunderlist in the next 6 months now that their To-Do application is available on all devices — iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & Web.

Many people won’t like this.

Agreed, but for Microsoft, it’s the next logical step. Despite Wunderlist having 10M+ users worldwide (logged back in 2013) the platform wouldn’t be worth having around for the sake of everyday users like this.

Bets are that Microsoft aggressively drives Wunderlist users over the To-Do platform in a hard switch date that will see the shutdown of Wunderlist and the title replacement of To-Do.

🗑 ️To-Do Doesn’t Suck Anymore!

The good news, is that To-Do doesn’t suck anymore.

Very much like Google Tasks, on launch, Microsoft To-Do lacked features. A rushed released in my eyes saw no sub-tasks, only mobile roll-out and no robust task manager that shouted “download me!”.

Now, To-Do with it’s Planner Integration, File Attachments, New Mac app and more, shouts “I’m a good, easy to use lightweight to-do list app”.

💸Will Todoist & TickTick Benefit?

Of course they will, I can see a big push for both applications to bring Wunderlist users onboard.

Wunderlist was a fairly robust application, but suited the lightweight category well, for those looking at Wunderlist alternatives, many will move to Todoist and TickTick thanks to the familiarity of features.

All in all, the next chapter looks exciting for Microsoft To-Do and we’ll have to see what comes in the next few months!

Curious about how to work Microsoft To-Do, no worries! We have a new Skillshare class on this!

Let me know on Twitter your thoughts. @FrancescoD_Ales

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