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Wunderlist’s Buy-Back Won’t Work, Here’s Why?

Christian Reber’s attempt to buy back probably won’t work…

Let’s set the scene. It’s 2019.

Microsoft now owns Wunderlist, purchased back in 2015, the application and team have been squeezed into their new application Microsoft To-Do.

Microsoft To-Do on their release, in 2017, share they will be sunsetting Wunderlist. 2 years later. No sunset has occurred.

Christian Reber offers to buy back Wunderlist from Microsoft in an effort to save the soon-to-be shutdown application. Insert tweet.

So Francesco, tell us, why won’t it work?

Save time and watch the video version of my thoughts….

Whilst I love the idea. Microsoft are very unlikely to hand back control of Wunderlist to Reber for a multitude of reasons, and here they are:

  • Wunderlist has a hard-core user base

Wunderlist have some of the strongest users, annoyed at Microsoft for buying and waiting in the wings if Reber re-gained control to go loyal with Wunderlist once again. This scared To-Do and Microsoft.

  • This will confuse newer Microsoft To-Do users

To-Do have spent a lot of time and effort on educating the world that they’re getting rid of Wunderlist and converting all the users to the new platform. All this marketing and hard work add up.

  • Microsoft To-Do doesn’t want a new competitor

Let’s say Wunderlist comes back, well, To-Do would have a brand-new competitor, with similar features and actions to contend with. Seeing their rise in the last 6 months, this could all be undone overnight.

There is a case against this…

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A great comment from the YouTube video addressed how Microsoft could offer Wunderlist back to Reber in an attempt to gain some financial gain from the deal (valued between 100–200M $) and build trust with privacy-minded individuals.

Let’s see what happens!?

— Curious about what Microsoft To-Do will look like…

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