A new chapter for Todoist

Introduction of AI assistance, better workflows & more

Francesco D'Alessio
3 min readDec 15, 2022


Many of the current AI application surrounds generative AI and the focus on writing, with much excitement. Meanwhile Todoist is lightly sprinkling some AI abilities throughout the tool with more direction and interest.

🤖 Why this AI is better?

Much like the other OpenAI systems, this feeds from GPT-3 — the current hip productivity tech tool, which tools like Notion, Craft and more are adding at speed.

As I mentioned in an article back in 2020, the tool is becoming the chassis and the OpenAI (or others) the engine for said tool.

Artificial intelligence in Todoist feels different, this is primarily due the the essence of structure. Structure gives AI or even gen-AI the ability to comprehend the context of the situation — which AI in the no-code tools will be harder to replicate with.

This structure can help them do the three steps of productivity AI evolution I’ve mentioned here before on Medium.

Imagine how:

  • Organize Day — best align your Todoist tasks based on your typical use, peak energy or meetings external and re-schedule your day or workspace to best suit your needs.
  • Smart Suggestions — knowing yourself better than you do, Todoist will make recommendations on tasks to compete better suited to the context of the situation and your workload basis.
  • Doing them for you — Adding small 10–15m admin tasks will get done for you. Imagine, small results pages within your Todoist cards with the answer and maybe even an action associated external to Todoist (eg. email out, share with… or etc.) (some are even hacking this together)

✅ Workflows Upgrade

In this time of new technology and implementation, Todoist have leaped at the opportunity of risk introducing features at pace.



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